The Creative Artist who Inspires

“Passionate, creative and daring, I am a self-confessed makeup junkie. Follow us for creative makeup looks, product features and the latest trends to glitz up your everyday look and for the special occasions in your life! To feel and look beautiful is not a sin, so stay tuned for updates as we embark on this sharing journey with you…”

Makeup Status: The FACE of Makeup Paparazzi, her passion makeup lays undying even though she left the industry for a career change. Nevertheless, she never fails to impress those around her with her makeup skills, demonstrating the fact that it’s not how many years of makeup skills you’ve acquired, but also whether you’re born with that talent or not. Needless to say, a picture speaks a thousand words!

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The Alternative Editor who Influences

“I always believe that makeup does wonders for women.  As the saying goes, there is no ugly woman; only lazy women! Let us fascinate you & show you the way to achieving confidence of a self-assured female with the power of makeup.”

Makeup Status: The VOICE of Makeup Paparazzi, she has accumulated 5 years of experience after working her way up from a beauty advisor at L’Oreal to a brand manager at Make Up For Ever, and continues to contribute behind the scene while working on to a different portfolio in the beauty scene. Still very much addicted to makeup, she has since increased her exploration of  makeup delights from pharmacy brands to upmarket brands.


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