My choice of makeup for a night out with my girlfriends: SMOKY BLACK with the assistance of Maybelline Mascara ‘Pulse Perfection’!

It was my 1st time using a vibrating mascara & it felt really ticklish at the start, when I tried using it according to the instructions. My eyes got watery after a few seconds & I was petrified that my eye makeup was going to be ruined, but thankfully after a few blinks, I was ready to give the mascara another try.

And I suppose as practice makes perfect, the mascara really helped to lengthen & add volume to my lashes. But as you may know, Maybelline mascaras have always been excellent & the one difference that I noticed with this vibrating mascara is that it actually separates my lashes a lot better than the previous mascaras I’ve used – and they don’t clump!

My only worry is if the battery will last me till I finish the mascara, considering the fact that I have so many mascaras 😛

Give it a try if you are keen!




Are you a chocolate lover like me? My favourite are the dark chocolates 😀 Which is why I can’t resist doing a CHOCOLATY look!

So how do you achieve a ‘healthy’ chocolaty look without looking like you got sun burnt? 😛

7 steps to The Chocolaty Addict look

1. Makeup Base

To bring out the intensity of chocolate in this look, you can use bronzer all over your face & neck, just like what I did.

Try! “Bronzing Powder” or “Brilliance Powder” from Body Shop, “Bronze Goddess Soft Shimmer” or “Soft Duo Bronzer (Matte)” from Estee Lauder, “Mat Bronze” from Make Up For Ever or “Shimmering Powder” from Laneige.

2. Eyeshadow

Find the right shade of dark brown eyeshadow that suits you. Test the shade on the back of your hands to check and  the swatches & avoid getting browns with red hues in it, because those tend to make your eyes look like you cried the whole night 😦

Try! Eyeshadow N98 or N139 from Make Up For Ever, #32 Chocolate from The Body Shop, or  “Twiced Baked” Eyeshadow from Urban Decay

Can you spot the colour gradients of the eyeshadows? From dark chocolate to light chocolate brown… watch the colour fade into the highlights! Such blending is termed as smoky eyes as the colour is ‘smoked out’ 🙂

3. Eyeliner

Any black eyeliner will do the job for this look! Just make sure you smudge the dark brown eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner drawn to soften the effect.

Try! “24/7 eyeliner in Zero” from Urban Decay

4. Fake Lashes or/and Mascara

Every girl has their own preferred taste of fake lashes. And my personal take is the fake lashes that gives the best results are those soft, straight strands (made from animal hair, I believe) because they usually give a sophisticated effect. Just in case you are unaware, mascara can actually be applied over such lashes more smoothly, as compared to the hard synthetic fake lashes.

For lash glue, I prefer them to be from Lash Grip. It hardly fails me even when I am tearing due to irritation. You can purchase this from SASA or Guardian.

One coat of mascara is NEVER enough! Apply 2 coats on the top lashes (yours & the fake lashes) to ‘join’ them together. If you have long lower lashes, you can also apply 2 coats of mascara  on them to create more intense-looking eyes.

Try! “Blackout” in WTP from Christian Dior or “Aqua Smoky Lash” from Make Up For Ever.

5. Eyebrows

As you can tell, I prefer my brows to have a thick & natural feel. To tame my brows, I always use a brown natural mascara over my brows to keep the disobedient strays in place.

6. Blusher

Opt for brown-based blusher or bronzer; peachy-orange blusher will look great with this look too!

Try! “Brush On Bronze” from The Body Shop, “Afterglow Blush” in Score from Urban Decay“Blush Rush in Bare” from Smashbox or “Sculpting Blush” in N10 from Make Up For Ever.

7. Lips

Keep them NUDE to compliment this look!

Try! “Tinted Lipglass” in Lust or “Cremesheen Glass” in Just Superb from M.A.C  🙂

And, presenting the final results after all that hard work…

Extra Bits & Pieces

Wanna smell like bars of chocolates? Then I’m sure you will love:

  • “Fantasy” perfume by Britney Spears, which contains the scent of white chocolate
  • “Covet” perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker, which emphasizes lavender and chocolate
  • “Sephora Spray” & “Wash and Scrub” in chocolate
  • Urban Decay Flavored Powder in Cocoa

Now, I’m really craving for dark chocolates! I think I’m going to make a trip to Vivo City for a box of Awfully Chocolate ice-cream soon 😉 Who wants to join me?



Subtle Smoky Eyes Look

To me, the art of applying eyeshadow on others is always more difficult on the 1st try, because I need to figure out the shape of their eyes and the amount of ‘eyelid space’… especially the difference between when their eyes are open and when their eyes are closed. It makes a lot of difference and I have to be cautious not to mess it up.

And as you can see, my most preferred eye application is the smoky eyes technique because I feel that every girl can look good with smoky eyes, no matter single eyelid or double eyelid. Throw in a bit of glitter and you are ready to party!

The success to great smoky eyes would be to ensure  proper blending, which you will need brushes to help you with~ And if you, like Melodie, don’t like wearing too much eyeshadow, can always opt for the more subtle version (without any smoky effect on the lower part of the eyes).

Also, smoky eyes does not generally apply to just black, but other popular colours would be nice for a change – like blue, brown and purple 😀