Check out my spoils from yesterday’s beauty spree at the L’Oreal sale at Expo (Level 2, Foyer 2)! There aren’t a lot of items to look at, and I didn’t find any makeup that caught my eye so I settled for the skincare items instead, which were going mostly for $10 each. And I got 2 hair products too! One is a spray for volume effect and another is, as described by the lady behind the table, “like a BB cream for the hair”. I tried the texture and I like it that it’s not too gooey/sticky – I prefer light hold for my short hair so I can style it easily and not feel like it’s too rigid. Anyway, it’s always good to try products so you know if you like the smell and feel 😀 The sale is till this Sunday (11 Sep), so do pop by if you happen to want to stock up on beauty products! L’Oreal products work pretty well for me so that’s why I buy… skincare is a very individual thing, so don’t ask me if it’s good or not ‘cos what works for me may not work well for you 😉 But the trick is to buy when there’s a sale so you can try… and won’t feel the pain or loss if it doesn’t work miracles for you!

p/s. In case you are wondering, the brands I saw going on sale are L’Oreal, Maybelline, Garnier, Vichy, Redken and L’Oreal Professional.