For starters, I am proud to announce that I’ve grown back my real eyelashes since my lash extensions incident. So I bought a new pink eyelash curler from Canmake recently, which I was excited to try out.

I love it, not only because it’s pink but also because it fits my eye shape & is able to grip hold of myย  lashes at one go! Oh, remember to hold on for at least 15 seconds for each eye if you really want your lashes to curl ๐Ÿ˜›

Chose turquoise & green eye colours because I was feeling bright & chirpy ๐Ÿ˜€

No fake lashes for today, as I was going to be running around from day to night, and I usually reserve them for work events or when I’m partying… so it’s essential to use waterproof mascara (otherwise I’ll get smudges within 1/2 a day!)… remember my newly purchased Pulse Perfection mascara from Maybelline?

Forgive my very stern expression – I was trying very hard to control the vibration because it can get too ticklish… and I didn’t want to risk blinking my eyes in fright and ruin my makeup ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I’m a sucker for pink lip colours and I absolutely adore lip glosses, if you haven’t realized. Blusher-wise, I like to switch between pink and peach colours depending on my mood ๐Ÿ™‚




As I’m one of those who was blessed with long lashes, it was only natural that friends (and including my boyfriend) found it appalling that I would even consider the idea of LASH EXTENSIONS .

So what was it that made me want to put myself through a 2-hour session to fix on LASH EXTENSIONS when I had no real need for them? Basically, it boils down to these reasons:


I’ve heard horror stories of LASH EXTENSIONS from girlfriends yet I knew of those who were able to survive wearing LASH EXTENSIONS for years. I want to know the difference, and if I don’t try it at least once in my lifetime, how will I be able to know enough to even write about it?


Umm, the bargain of paying $50 instead of the usual $150 was just simply too irresistible to ignore. After all, I don’t think I would want to spend too much on LASH EXTENSIONS because even mascaras and false lashes don’t cost so much.


The thought of owning longer, beautiful lashes was tempting and even though I understood they wouldn’t stay on forever, I was willing to give it a try.

So, this is me with my REAL lashes curled up with mascara:

And this is me with the supposedly Barbie Doll LASH EXTENSIONS after an excruciating 90-minute session, taken 1 week after:

So tell me, do you see any difference?

The process was rather painful because even though I was confident that my eyes were not sensitive, the glue was so strong that every time a tiny bunch LASH EXTENSIONS ofย  was stuck on, an itchy stinging sensation will be felt and it would last a minute or two. Imagine the number of bunches being attached… and you know what I mean.

And because the glue took a really long time to dry, I had to leave with my left eye tearing non-stop. I had to resort to wearing my shades even though it was night time and I swear I looked like I was crying throughout my trip home in the MRT!

Well, I found the overall results disappointing because the LASH EXTENSIONS were not up to my expectations. Instead of being longer, they were thicker and heavier, hence causing them to droop horribly.

Still, I was told I look better with the LASH EXTENSIONS without makeup on by a very nice and sweet ex-colleague. The others were not so kind. “See lah!” and “I told you so!” were ringing in my ears. So basically, my 1st week of wearing LASH EXTENSIONS felt like an eternity, because they proved to be:


I couldn’t wear much eye makeup because it is almost impossible to remove them as I was instructed not to use oil-based makeup remover. And I had my first taste of fright as I went clubbing that night I did my LASH EXTENSIONS and I couldn’t remove the eyeliner as my eyelids were sore, stiff and hurt like mad.

Imagine how I hurried into the office the next morning, crying, “Help me! Help me!” And despite the gentle efforts by my ex-colleague, each move on my eyelid generated an “OWWW!” from me.

Shower time also became a dread; as I wasn’t able to wipe my eyes, the soapy water would seep into my eyes and I would end up with bloodshot eyes every time I emerge from the bathroom. Eventually, I would shower with my head tilted back, and I trained myself to shower like a blind woman. Funnily, I was advised by another colleague to wear goggles, which I thought was interestingly smart but I was too lazy to execute such a stunt ๐Ÿ˜›

Sleeping took much effort because it felt like I was sleeping with fake lashes on and the feeling was so uncomfortable, I felt like pulling them off but I know I couldn’t do so. The LASH EXTENSIONS would also block and blur my vision, and there were occasions when they would prick my eyes.

Well, it has been 2 weeks since I have them on, and already I’m ‘botak’ on my left eye because I’ve been impatiently fiddling with the LASH EXTENSIONS and trying to force them out as they were falling apart and ruining my mood. Eventually, my REAL lashes are either pulled out or torn into halves… *ouch*

This is how the LASH EXTENSIONS look like after they are tugged off:

Losing my real lashes are inevitable as I was warned that they would become weak and drop off, just like the case with nail extensions. Whichever it is, I have no intentions of touching up and I had to actually fit their schedule for an appointment to remove the remaining LASH EXTENSIONS!

My personal conclusion is that if the gals who can wear LASH EXTENSIONS well are those who are extremely vain and patient enough to endure the ordeal, or are simply too lazy to wear makeup and are simply contented with them.

So, try it at your own risk if you want – but I’m definitely going back to the good old days of mascaras and fake lashes…

And NO, I won’t ever try it a second time.

p/s. I can’t wait to have them professionally and PERMANENTLY removed!

The Alternative Editor