I wanted to try a different theme this time round, and being a big fan of Venetian Masks, I did my very first artistic makeup spread and I hope you like it! I love the mysterious side of masks; you never know who you are going to meet 🙂

Click on the individual photos to check out the actual intensity of the metal powder 🙂

Just so you know, I applied the Metal Powder N1 & N4 all over my face and shoulder together with the Gold Diamond Powder and it was quite easy as the pigment was extremely intense and rich! Imagine having so much ‘bling’ on your eyes 😀 Oh, and don’t worry about washing all the gold off; just use a good oil-based makeup remover and it will be all gone! I highly recommend the Gold Diamond Powder if you want to have a simpler ‘bling’ look without looking so dramatic 😉





by Dany Sanz, Founder of Make Up For Ever

Why did you chose GOLD for this look?

Gold is an extremely sought-after precious metal. It displays wealth and luxury. Since time immemorial, men and women like to wear gold and to show off their jewelry and finery. Extremely present in artistic creation, gold transform objects from sculpture and decoration to jewelry and art. In makeup, gold implants a spectacular result that is greatly prized by artistic make-up artists but also by women in their day-to-day life.

How were you inspired by Klimt?

When I look at Klimt’s work, I immediately transpose it into artistic make-up. His paintings reveal a genuine wealth of materials and colors while at the same time demostrating a quest for linear construction.

The Gold Icone Collection comprises of: 4 shades of Metal Powder, 2 Glitter Kohl Pencils and 1 new shade of Diamond Powder.

Metal Powder

Unique in the market, it is 100% natural mineral powder made out from bronze and silica powder. And the best thing about this product is that it offers 2 possible versions of shine. You can apply it dry with your finger or a brush and it will deliver a powdery metallic effect. Apply it wet and it creates a molten metallic effect, just like liquid gold on the surface of the skin 😀 This product is easy to use and its extreme coverage achieves an immediate and intense result. For makeup professionals, you can mix this product with foundation, gloss, lipstick or other powders for various effects.

Available in 4 shades!

Kohl Pencils

Available in 2 different shades; Metallic Gold and Black with Silver Metallics. It’s the first set of glitter eyeliners that Make Up For Ever produced 😉

Diamond Powder

Finally, Gold Diamond Powder! A new incredibly fine Gold version was specially created for this collection. With its high intense sparkle effect, it is really hard not to love it!!

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Buy the Gold Icone Collection at: #02-05/06 Stamford House |  Sephora ION | Sephora Ngee Ann City

For more information and pricing, please call 6333-0678 🙂

p/s. Look out for my personal interpretation of the Gold Icone Look~ If you want to know what I will achieve with the collection, stay tuned and anticipate my creation 🙂