The annual Audi Fashion Festival is about to hit town from 28 April to 2 may 2010! Check out their calendar for the fashion shows coming your way.

At the press conference held last week, it was confirmed that the designer showcase presented by Samsung on 30 April will feature Marchesa with Korean model, Song Kyunga. Furthermore, in order to prove their dedication to design and technology, Samsung actually tied up with local fashion maestros Ben Wu and Desmond Yang to create exclusive fashion pieces to complement their upcoming new phone, Samsung Wave~

Ben Wu created a hood-piece with a tie to place the phone in, while Desmond Yang came up with a exquisite necklace to hook the phone to! Anyway, I love the contrasting difference between black smoky eyes and gold, earthy tones.

Imagine wearing the classic clean look paired with an attention-grabbing necklace on days when you feel sociable:

As compared to dark, smoky eyes with a hoodie to hide yourself on days when you are feeling anti-social: