Guess where I just got back from?

The Sephora Sale that JERA just blogged about recently!

I rushed down after work so that I could get my hands on some good buys 😛 The sale was supposed to end at 8pm and I thought I couldn’t get in ‘cos I had reached after 8pm… but I decided to try my luck and thankfully, the doors were still open! 😀 Turns out that they were going to close at 9pm instead *phew*

As it was the 3rd day of the sale, there weren’t many good buys left but I still managed to secure 6 products from 2 great makeup brands:

1. BARE ESCENTUALS: Big Tease Mascara in Black

2. TOO FACED: Lash Injection – Eye color enhancing Hot Chocolate, Extreme Thickening and Lengthening Mascara

3. BARE MINERALS: i.d. Eyeshadow Pot in Black Emerald

4. TOO FACED: Starry Eyed – Liquid Eyeliner (Restraining Order)

5. TOO FACED: Starry Eyed – Liquid Eyeliner (Ooh & Aah)

6. TOO FACED: First Base – Soothing Eye Shadow Base

Although I don’t know the real prices of the products, they were going for “2 at $30″and I only spent $90.00 in total, which I thought was pretty reasonable.

Saturday (20th March) is going to be the last day so if you are still keen, get your butt down to Room 208 at the Suntec Convention Centre before you regret it! 😛

I am super happy with my buys… especially with the Starry Eyed liquid eyeliners!

Can’t wait to try them out soon!


The Alternative Editor