Short Hair Is In, If You Don’t Already Know.

Yes. I had my goldilocks chopped 2 months ago and I did not regret! lol



Having short hair has so many advantages.

1. Lesser weight on the head and shoulders

2. Lesser shampoo usage and faster drying time

3. Shorter hair styling time and varieties of styling to play with

and most importantly, cheaper to have my hair dyed!! Say goodbye to hair getting caught by the handles of my bags and chairs and clothes and blah blah blah :p

P/S: disclaimer: try it only if you are ready, for I might not take responsibility for your sudden hair loss 🙂 LOL just a joke to perk your day!



Makeup …It Can Be As Universal As Love

I will like to share with you about my makeup experience. Not the skills nor the techniques today but what it could actually represent. Just like love, it could bring joy and happiness to people around the world. When things that we could get easily, they might need a few more steps in order to get it. When your passion, interest and skill could actually bless others.

It was an impromptu makeup lesson that I had to conduct in my mission trip in June. I was informed that the ladies have parties and weddings to attend every year and they would love to put on makeup. Tell me, which girl will not want to look pretty? Hardly right?? lol So there is a ‘market’ for beauty everywhere.

I brought my basic makeup and they were not enough to do a full makeup look. So we had to head to the market to get the supplies. The makeup sold at the market was very cheap and of average quality. But we would like to work with what they have available in the district.

After school, the students cycled to the base where we were staying at for the lesson. I was actually surprised to see so many who came as it was a last minute planned programme. I was nervous but excited to see how it would go.

Look at the bicycles parked downstairs. So cool!

Let the lesson begin!

It was a hot day and I was hoping that the makeup would not melt.

Now it was their turn to role-play 🙂

The lady who was doing the makeup, she has a talent! She could blend and visualize well with the look she wanted to do.

Look at her work 🙂

Oh ya, they have hair styling skills on their own too! I got to learn from them instead 🙂

The time of fellowship and teaching was priceless. The joy was unspeakable. I am actually smiling now as I am typing :))

So the next time you are going for a mission trip, do not think that your skills and passion cannot be shared. Bless others with your talents and do not be surprised that you might be blessed with even more 🙂


Wild & Chic Eye Shadow Palette by Make Up For Ever

Lovin the shades of the limited edition Make Up For Ever eyeshadow palette and I have to blog about it.

Last week, I went to get makeup for my church evangelistic drama and I was introduced to this palette. With 6 intense shades of eyeshadow and a mini Aqua Eyes eyeliner in black (0L), indeed it lives up to its name.

Here presenting the look I have done with the Wild & Chic Eye Shadow Palette by Make Up For Ever.

Guess what?? The packaging is super nice! Rugged rock chic look. A very nice palette to bring around.

Look at the assemble inside.

A clearer view of the shades in it.

If you love smokey eyes,  try getting this palette soon before it is sold out.


Khol Eyeliners–A Beautiful Mess

I guess most people will try to refrain from khol eyeliners even though the intense effects it could bring. Plainly because they are not waterproof nor smudge proof. However, I tried them and I love it because it creates this messy line that I find refreshing. There no need to really blend it well. A time for a change. Messy is in. Harsh lines can be hip.

Tip: Set the area around your eyes with sufficient powder or eyeshadow to prevent oily lids. Touch up by blotting the oil accumulated and top up with eyeshadow.



Be it for the choice of eye shadow or clothes, brown is always a safe and subtle colour for Asians. It compliments our yellow skin tone and coloured hair really well.

And in Japan, browns are spotted in 1 in every 5  ladies which is quite a high rate with the huge population in Tokyo.

Eye makeup: Brown eyeshadows and thin black eyeliner outlines.

As seen in VIVI and Glamorous: