Best Eyeliner of 2012: CLIO

First spotted the CLIO eyeliners at Junction 10 Watsons, & was raving to my boyfriend how waterproof they were after I tried a few colors on my hand & couldn’t rub them off. I couldn’t stop thinking about them & was so tempted to buy 1 – but after looking everywhere at all the convenient Watsons I passed by, it was either they didn’t carry the brand or there weren’t any stocks left 😦

So it was after 3 months that I finally returned to the same Watsons at Junction 10 where I first saw the products… & swiftly bought 4 shades πŸ˜€ I had wanted the blue because it was a different blue from the other blue liners I had, then I was attracted by how shiny the silver was, & then I saw the black… & then the purple! I could only stop myself from buying the brown 😦

I have to say these are my current favourite brand of eyeliners – not only do each liner come with a sharpener (at the bottom of the liner) for easy access, the colours are rich & they are super waterproof – which means they didn’t smudge at all. But because I have oily eyelids, the bottom lines started to smudge after half a day. Still, they have the best staying power of all the liners I own πŸ˜›

Love the look I did based on the packaging look πŸ˜€ I’m SO SOLD!



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