Attended the launch of Bandi in Singapore at Park Hotel Clarke Quay today, hosted by the team from Evance. Claiming to be the No. 1 Professional Nail Care Brand in Korea, the name ‘Bandi’ originates from the word ‘Bandibul’, which actually means FIREFLIES in Korean. Like fireflies, the brand aspires to be “an environmentally friendly brand that captures the beautiful colours of nature” and through its product quality and designs, “stays true to its values to produce nail products that are not hazardous to human or ecology”.

The Korean team flew in specially to present the brand and its comprehensive range of nail products, ranging from their COLORS line (normal nail lacquer) to their GELIQUE line (soft gel like Gelish) to NAILCURE (nailcare), and more. We also got to watch about 3 live demonstrations of nail art with GELIQUE and their nail stickers.

Don’t you just love getting goodie bags? πŸ˜€ Having watched the presentations and all, I have a sudden inspiration to return to my DIY nail days where I get creative with nail stickers. Unfortunately, I have become a tad lazy these days and resort to either manicures or full nail stickers πŸ˜› But I’m definitely looking forward to buying their nail stickers when they launch officially in June… Apparently, they come up with trendy seasonal stickers 4 times a year in conjunction with their nail colours πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

One interesting point that came up during the launch was when the Korean team questioned what are the favourite colours of local women and the answers were RED, PINK and any “natural” colours. Well, I guess the majority of Singaporean women are not that adventurous enough to try fashion colours because they don’t know how to. Fortunately, I’m not one of them – I love to try colours and I am crazy about animal prints. I know of girlfriends who love pastel colours (that is the IN thing for Korea now), and those who love neon colours so I’m always encouraging people around me to open up and embrace their inner self… The world needs less criticism & more encouragement!

It’s really amazing to know how many colours the brand owns and I’m hoping their entry into the market will make a big difference in nail ethics, especially when there are so many nail salons out there who don’t exactly think of your nails’ health when they are making $$$ out of you… Bandi seems to be a brand who truly cares so we shall see!

p/s. Not sure of the pricing or where they are available yet in Singapore~



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