All Belle Eyelashes for Sale

If you haven’t heard of All Belle Eyelashes yet, then it’s about time you did! I was first presented this product by a girlfriend who visited Taiwan (& then promptly bought the item back from me because she loved it that much!). Then I saw it at a beauty expo exhibition & I was intrigued by how soft yet firm the lashes were. From what I’ve heard, these lashes are HOT in Taiwan and they are known for emphasizing extra length and curl, while maintaining the most beautiful and natural lash curve C for lash lovers ๐Ÿ™‚ Endorsed by Taiwan’s Top Model ไธๅฐ่Šน, they have been widely promoted as Taiwan’s No. 1 Top Selling Fake Lashes!

So for those of you there who appreciate quality eyelashes and have been searching for the perfect lash to wear everyday, you now have 8 designs to choose from:

1) PRINCESS LASH SERIES | Reference No: 3823

2) BLUE EXTREME SERIES | Reference No: 4824

3) BLACK CHARMING SERIES | Reference No: 4125

4) YELLOW HAUNT SERIES | Reference No: 3125

5) RED HAPPY EVENT SERIES | Reference No: 2123

6) PURPLE STUNNING SERIES | Reference No: 4825

7) APPLE GREEN GENIE SERIES | Reference No: 3821

8) RED WEDDING SERIES | Reference No: 1122

All Belle eyelashes are made in Taiwan, which explains why the local labour cost is approximately 8 times to 20 times higher than that of other countries such as Indonesia, Mainland China, or even Vietnam. Also, to ensure quality of products and to prevent potential infections, All Belle only uses virgin fiber and their lashes contain an exclusively designed oxygen infused main stem that is soft and comfortable for sensitive eyelids.

I could go on and on about how great these lashes are compared to the ones I’ve tried out there in the market, but you would have to try them to know for yourself THE DIFFERENCE ๐Ÿ˜‰ So here’s the special deal if you would like to order these amazing eyelashes:

  • 1 box @ $30 (Each box contains 10 pairs)
  • 2 boxes and above – $25 per box (You can mix & match)

Payment Terms: Cash on Delivery or ATM transfer to POSB savings account
Delivery: Raffles Place or City Hall MRT Station
Please remember to include your name, contact number and the reference code of the eyelashes you would like to purchase.

Limited quantities so first come first serve!

If you are feeling confused as to which eyelashes to choose from, it’s always good to look at what kind of look you want to achieve. It’s always best to start with the most natural and move on from there so that you don’t get a shock, especially if you are not inclined towards dramatic looks.

p/s. They are selling @$17.50 for 5 pairs out there in the retail stores so you get savings from this deal ๐Ÿ™‚



10 thoughts on “All Belle Eyelashes for Sale

    • Hi Ann
      Sorry, we don’t carry the orange queen series. But if we do order them for the next round, I will email you!
      Thank you!


  1. Hi… would like to purchase 1 box 3823 and 1 box 4824. do you have it in stock for mert up tmr ar tampines mrt tmr?


    • Hi Angel, sorry about the late reply. I have 1 box of 4824 left but I’m out of 3823. Would you be keen to try 2123 or 1122, which is more of the natural kind?
      Yes, I can meet up at Tampines MRT. Let me know if you need eyelash glue as well, I have in white or black going at $9.00.

    • Hi Cheryl, at the moment I only have stocks left for #3125. Let me know if you are keen, if not I will keep you updated when I receive new stocks ๐Ÿ™‚

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