June had tagged me on Facebook yesterday & it was only then I remembered that some years back in 2007, we had worked on a Mid Summer’s Night play with theatre actress Emma Yong, who lost her fight with stomach cancer. So I went online searching for the pictures that was posted up on the MUFE blog & to my dismay, realized that all traces of the blog had been wiped out on the Internet 😦 But thankfully, I was still able to recover the pictures from my old laptop so here’s the pictures I promised to share with June and the rest of MUAs (makeup artists) who had worked with Emma Yong back then. As I wasn’t part of the crew (more like the amateur part-time photographer), so I didn’t have much interaction with her. My  impression of her professionalism formed when I requested to take a picture of her makeup & she had obliged without any hesitation.

I don’t remember who did Emma’s makeup but it could have been any of the MUAs as the play went on for a few days & I can’t be sure if she had a designated MUA or not. In any case, it is a big loss to the local theatre scene here but Emma is one of the only few actresses I actually associate with Singapore plays & musicals.

Let’s keep her family in prayers as they cope with this loss.



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