It has been 5 months since I last blogged, but I must say the hype about the recent Star Awards 2012 was pretty exciting (either that, or our local showbiz scene is getting too boring). So here I am, back with a vengeance to blog… about their makeup of course 😉

Although this year our local stars were all ‘glammed’ up, I must say I was disappointed with the rather bland yet safe choice of makeup. What can I say? Better safe than sorry!

Looking close to perfection were the 3 Ah Jies: Ann Kok, Zoe Tay & Fann Wong


Rui En, the new ice princess on the block (after Wong Li-Lin and Jacelyn Tay). Overall, her makeup is fine, just that her lashes are too heavy & cast shadows, causing her eyes to look rather ‘droopy’. This is why it is important, & quite difficult, to find lashes that complement our eyes! Not all lashes fit 😦


Joanne Peh – Can’t go wrong with simple, understated makeup. A pity she’s getting all the backlash for a trophy she never expected to win.


Jeannette Aw looks radiant as always, although I find that she was super giggly & happy that night. In love, or in happiness?


Michelle Chia – It’s the hair, not the makeup, that disturbs me. Don’t like the parting nor the style.


Rebecca Lin is someone to look out for, now that her Mandarin and acting has improved. I wish she could have put more colours on her lips, because she looked washed out even though her choice of dress was brilliantly outstanding.


Don’t like Vivian Lai’s eye makeup. Would have preferred she went for the black smoky eye look instead.


Kym Ng looked like she didn’t wear much makeup. I don’t know why?


Constance Song may have gone overboard with that dress of hers, but at least she was the only one I spotted with red lips & I thought she looked sophisticated – if you look above her shoulder,


If there’s one makeup that I love that night, it has got to be Annie Liu’s makeup that complemented her outfit & enhanced her features. Maybe there’s too much blush but it’s fine, considering her choice of colour for lips & simplicity of eye makeup.

I’m no makeup expert but considering my background in this area, a few freelance makeup artists (MUAs) & I were discussing on Facebook as we watched the award ceremony – and we were appalled at how some of the men looked too tanned (& one looked like he had uneven makeup on when he gave his thank-you speech for a trophy won)…

Makes me wonder why in other countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea – all the stars always look good in front of the camera? Is it because the makeup artists advanced together with the technology (HD Cameras) or because the lighting technicians were dedicated to making people look good on camera?

All pictures were obtained from my favourite website so head there if you want to view more pictures 😀



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