Be it for the choice of eye shadow or clothes, brown is always a safe and subtle colour for Asians. It compliments our yellow skin tone and coloured hair really well.

And in Japan, browns are spotted in 1 in every 5  ladies which is quite a high rate with the huge population in Tokyo.

Eye makeup: Brown eyeshadows and thin black eyeliner outlines.

As seen in VIVI and Glamorous:













  1. Hmmm… This may be a little extreme and quite possibly veer off the intent of this blog but I have been hearing raves on Sheep Placenta Supplements, particularly the effects on the skin.

    Was just wondering if Makeup Paparazzi would be brave enough to sample them and review?

    • Hi Clara, I don’t think I would be brave enough… Attended a Health Sciences Authority workshop and they are not BIG on all these placenta things… it’s not just about the risk factors but I guess for me, it’s also about the price and the results guaranteed for me 😛 Not sure about Jera’s point of view though!

  2. Hi Clara and Sabrina,

    Yup I agree with Sabrina. Placenta is quite tricky because so far plant and fish placenta are allowed to be used in cosmetics and supplements. Human and animals are not allowed as I have known. Maybe can check out with HSA on their list of approved ingredients.

    • Hey there!

      I see I see… there was this friend of mine who RAVED about the sheep placenta he was taking… I guess I’ll give it a miss =p
      Thanks for the two cents worth!

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