So, I haven’t been shopping much in the past few months – especially beauty products – because I’m in the midst of renovation and have been renting a flat with my parents for the last 2 months. Will be shifting back end of this month, so YAY! Anyway, I was instructed by my mum not to shop but I guess it’s hard to NOT buy anything… so all I bought last month was these 4 items:

  1. Bioskin Refreshing Scalp Mist
    Ever since I entered the hair industry, I’ve been educated on the importance of a healthy scalp and also, being a loyal customer of Bioskin, I’ve been recommended this product countless times and it has always been out of stock every time I want to buy… until now. Kinda expensive but you can’t find many scalp products out there, so… 😛
  2. Clinicare range of hair products
    Was looking for inexpensive scalp shampoo at Watsons (trying my luck, really) but couldn’t find any. And the aunty promoter, who was quite persistent in a nice way, kept insisting how good this range was because it’s produced by both Pantene & Wella, and I was sold when I saw the price. I paid for a shampoo, conditioner & treatment at a price that could only get me a professional shampoo at the salon. Oh, well.
  3. Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash
    Saw it at Watsons; love at first sight! But I refrained from buying because I still had sufficient facial wash and wasn’t sure if I should buy it just because the packaging looks so enticingly good. Then I read the advertorial on Xiaxue’s blog and I was SOLD. So I bought it the next time I saw it, and because I had no more spare wash left 😀
  4. Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel
    My boyfriend introduced this to me and swears it’s great at removing blackheads. I’ve used it and thought it’s damn good because I see all these white dots on my fingers after I gently rub my nose with the gel. Then again, who knows? But it’s not expensive so it’s good to use for now 🙂

I’ve been vigorously maintaining my overall beauty regime, especially since my eczema condition has worsened recently due to the extremely humid weather conditions. Taking care of the skin is really a hefty investment, considering how much skin we have!



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