Introducing my latest favorite waterproof eyeliner that promises to stay unless you strip it off!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner!

The range comes in 15 shades, rich in pigments that guarantees intense colour and waterproof results. Draw the attention once again to the windows to your soul!

My pick?  Diamond Turquoise Blue which caught my eye when I dropped by the store. 2 layers of the eye liner instantly brightens up my eyes. I just couldn’t stop looking into the mirror at the amazing effect 🙂

For best results, remember to shake Aqua Liner up and down before each use.

Pro tip: add a second line of eyeliner above the first. Either play up contrast by layering two bold colors or opt for a gentle touch by pairing two similar shades.

If you have a pair sensitive eyes which just couldn’t take eyeshadow, try this eye liner as it dries almost instantly without fall-outs. The essential amino acids of apple juice content in the formula is extremely gentle to your lids. Say goodbye to stings, swells and running lines!





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