The Rebel Look

As promised, I have done up a look using my new baby!

There are 12 shades to choose from and feeling abit on the edgy side, I decided to go DARK! 🙂

Using “Darkhorse” on the upper eyelids and “Creep” on the lower lash line, G.O.T.H. is what you will get. Great for a night look. Using the travel-size eyeshadow primer in the set, the colors of the eyeshadows are intensified.

I am surprised by the double-sided eyeliner that came in the set. Interesting find for an Urban Decay palette.

Using “Zero”, line the top and bottom lash lines. Be surprised how smooth it glides over the eyeshadow with the intensity still intact 🙂

Viola~! With a pair of dark lips, get ready to rock the night away!

If you just need to get hold of the palette soon, try getting from the main Sephora site in US. Chances of getting it is higher 🙂







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