So, it’s no secret that I’m crazy about makeup but the best things about working in a beauty company is that I have access to private internal sales & product allowances that brightens my day every now & then 🙂

And when I mean private internal sales, it’s only open to employees so it’s impossible to even share, sorry! 😦


Total damage: $100+ I bought the above during the last 15 minutes of the 3-hour sale & I could have bought more but too bad, I was too caught up with work. Anyway, just in case you don’t know, stuff that are sold very cheap prices at sales are usually so because they are nearing expiry. I don’t have qualms using expired stuff on my face because unless it gives me an immediate breakout, I won’t hesitate to keep it for a good 5 years. So if you’re hesitant, then I don’t suggest that you stock up on such items at sales 😛


As Guerlain is 1 of the few makeup brands that my current company distributes, I decided to take the opportunity to try some of the products. And I absolutely adore the luxury packaging that comes with every product!

I’ve had mixed reactions from people around me when I shared news of the products; some praise the brand, some refrain due to bad experiences… & I was kinda worried so I decided to try all the makeup I bought… & I loved the results 😀

This was taken after 4 hours of clubbing and the eye makeup still looks fantastic! Guerlain products used include Guerlain Precious Light, Guerlain Meteorites (Makeup Base & Powder), Guerlain Duo Corrector & Guerlain Eyeshadows.



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