Pre-celebrated Christmas 2010 with a bunch of girlfriends, whom I spent my secondary school life with. And we embarked on a makeover slumber party that ended till the wee hours in the morning. I did makeup for all 4 of them plus myself till I was zombie-fied (and a little cranky), but it was worth the friendship 😉 And with good photography, these were MY personal results 🙂 It is amazing what magic you can create with makeup & a bit of hair wax (for the untamed hair!).

And yeah, I chopped off my locks a 2nd time for an edgier look. This was how it looked like 2 weeks before, when I just got my haircut. My hair grows out really fast! 😛

Not everyone supported this bold move, but I am happy to say majority found it refreshing, bold & that it makes me look younger + funkier. So I don’t really care if it made my double chin move obvious (since it’s there anyway), so long as I still look good on pictures 😀 Some people are the opposite!



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