JERA: December’s Hot Favorites!

Tarina Tarantino’s makeup range is my hot favorite for the month of December. And it’s the best Christmas present for myself… I am so in love with the packaging!!! Some of you may not be familiar with this brand but Tarina Tarantino is a jewelery designer in who is well-known for her bright and funky hair jewelery designs.

You can check out her jewelery collections out at

After working as a model and makeup artist during the early1990s, she decided to make her jewelery hobby a full-time job.  Her collections have since caught the eye of many top celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus.

And to my utmost interest, Tarantino released a full collection of cosmetics exclusively for Sephora retail stores in January 2010 🙂

Thanks to my sweet cousin who just returned from US for holidays who got me a stash of these makeup sweeties!

The Pearl Glow Primer makes my skin glow with its light-reflective properties. It’s suitable for all skin types and the quick absorbent formula leaves no greasy after-feel!

I am so lovin it! 😀 Say ‘HI’ to flawless skin!

I am a sucker for SHIMMER so I got a set of Sparklicity Shimmer Dust,  Sparklicity Gold Shimmer Dust and Sparklicity Pure Gold to add to my makeup collection! I’m gonna use them to create another look 🙂




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