Christmas is nearing and it is the time to look as fair as possible! 🙂 I have always favored wearing the “icy cold” image when it comes to this time of the year.

To me, the minor disadvantage of being naturally fair is that you’ll need to brighten or enhance certain areas so as to add more ‘life’ in order to still look like a human *LOL*

Therefore, here’s an early Christmas present to myself!! The YSL Duo Touche Eclat.  I did mention a few times in this blog about how amazing this product is and indeed, it is my “life-saver” whenever I am suffering from lack of rest  and yet still want to look good for the day.

Yup! It it is a twin pack and therefore, it should be enough to last me for a  few months 🙂

As YSL is no longer available in Singapore, I enlisted the help of a [fantastic] makeup artist friend, Yanti, to get them for me when she travelled overseas a few months back. The twin pack (SGD $92) can be bought at the cosmetic counters in the arrival or departure hall in Changi Airport.

See if you can get yours on the next holiday trip! 🙂



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