I turned 27 recently and somehow, it had been a wake-up call for me as I acknowledged the woes of entering the era of late twenties. My eye bags have grown increasingly heavier (and darker, sigh) and I cannot imagine how it would be if I did not have any skincare routine at all. The lines on my face have become deeper, I noticed. And my pores have become bigger! Oh, and let’s not forget the pigmentation! 😦

This becomes a huge issue, because when I shop for skincare… I know I should stick strictly to the 2 major concerns I have but I’m truly conflicted, not confused. I want to treat all my concerns! And I have at least 3 major concerns, which would explain the pretty messy range of skincare steps I have right now. Grrrrrr.

In fact, I have 1 eye cream & 1 eye roller waiting for me to be opened and used, while I’m trying to finish another 1 eye cream and 1 eye roller. And because I know myself well, I’ve refrained myself from using 4 eye cream all at once – it will take ages for me to realize which work and which does not work. It also gives me a good reason not to buy another eye cream, despite the temptation to do so many occasions 😛

As much as I try to run away from the reality, the truth of the matter is that I should be using anti-aging skincare from now onwards, if I really want my skin to be at its tip-top condition in my 30s and 40s. I’m even beginning to plan ahead, and please do not be surprised if I even start heading for Botox in my early 30s.

Like many women out, I’ll definitely want to keep up with my appearance!



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