I dropped by a newly-opened DAISO at a neighbourhood mall & saw that they are going to open at ION soon πŸ˜› Funnily, I always never seem to buy anything when I shop at ION – maybe it’s the crowd or the fact that the shops are merchandised in a messier way – and I always end up with a headache when I leave.

Anyway, I browsed through the cosmetic section to see if I could spot any fantastic buys. Just so everyone one knows, not everything at DAISO is worth $2.00… Some are worth MORE, some are worth LESS. Don’t get so excited that you end up buying a cosmetic sharpener or a ear cleaner for $2.00~!

My personal rule is never to spend more than $10.00 when you are inside DAISO, because that means you will only shop for 5 items, and so…even if you end up buying something that you ain’t going to use or is cheaper outside, at least you won’t regret too much πŸ˜›

So after half an hour, I walked out with

  1. 2 boxes of cotton wool
  2. 1 pair of No.10 lashes (which I’ve bought before & used)
  3. 1 pair of No.16 lashes (new!)
  4. Blotter paper in pink packaging
  5. Makeup Corrector (something unique I’ve not tried before)



4 thoughts on “CHEAP ‘N’ GOOD WITH DAISO

  1. Hahaa! Yes! Totally agree with Sab that Daiso is shopping haven for Any kind of Junky!
    By the way, I just did eyelash extension today, together with eyebrow embroidery. I must say, the eyelash extension wasn’t that bad! It was just a tad uncomfy but that’s all for me!

    And now, I am free from putting on mascara and drawing my eyebrows everyday when I wanna step out of my house!!!! FREEDOM!!!!

    Sorry babes, but I’m pretty lazy when it comes to doing makeup as you girls already know… Tee Heee…

    • Gotta limit yourself, really! But 12 x $2 = $24, so that’s pretty okay. So long as you don’t over-pay for items that are not worth $2! πŸ™‚

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