Girls Generation Inspired Look

Look inspired by Tiffany from Girls Generation

And here is my interpretation 🙂

As you can tell, Korean celebrities focus a lot on eyeliners; bright eyeshadow seem to be not their cup of tea!

This look is really simple!

  1. Using a black eyeliner, outline the upper lash line & extend the line slightly outwards.
  2. On the bottom lash line, start drawing the line roughly from the 2/3 of the eye till it meets the line drawn earlier on the upper lash line. For a more intense effect, you can outline the whole bottom lash line.
  3. Shimmer pigments are applied on the inner corners of the eyes for a brightened-up effect. Great for tired eyes 😉
  4. Instead of wearing full lashes, try wearing 3/4 of the lashes for a subtle effect.



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