Oh, guess what? I came across this in the July issue of SEVENTEEN & I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

So I went to google for the item to see what it’s all about, because I couldn’t believe how someone could have came up with such a cute lip idea! Apparently, it’s a collaboration between Lip Smacker and Coca-Cola! Found the website 😀

So sweet!

I’m going to grab it off Guardian’s… hope it’s not sold out yet! It’s selling at $24.90 😀




  1. i’ve tried their root beer lip balm about 5 years ago. the taste if pretty true to the drink.

    this company does a whole series of lip balms and gloss, i used to go crazy over the pink lemonade lip balm, it *really* taste like lemonade.

    if guardian sells out, try buying through vpost from the US site. which is what I did!

    • guess what? the sets were sold out but individual items are still available so I bought 1 lip balm…. haven’t opened it yet because too many lip balms…. =P i had a hard time choosing which flavour – got vanilla coke in the end ‘cos i loved the taste of the real drink 😀

  2. The coca cola lipsmackers have such a delicious scent as well that they mosturize your lips. i have the whole coca cola collection and i love them. the tints of brown enhaces your pink lips somehow. they smell good and look delious! love them! im a lipsmacker gurl for life! i would recommend lip smackers to any one! i wish i had all of the lipsmackers that existed. but i dont know where they are sold. but love them!!!! im like a hhhhhuuuuuuuuuuugggggggeeeee!!!!!! fan of lipsmackers!!! numba 1!

    • I wish I could buy the whole collection of lip smackers too but I think they would last me more than a lifetime! And I don’t have the luxury of space either~! haha

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