One of the top girl bands in the Kpop scene, Girls Generation (SNSD) recently launched a new album called “Run Devil Run”, in which the looks worn by the 9-members-band proved to be an eye-catching a trend nationwide. With the increasing number of girl bands in Korea these days, I guess this is the best way to stand out 😉

So what does SNSD stands for? It is the the acronym for their Korean names – So Nyeo Shi Dae (소녀시대, or So Nyuh Shi Dae).

The girls are featured in Korean dramas as well as advertisements for Korean food and electronic products. Lately, they have also been appointed the Honorary Ambassadors for the Korea Airport.

If you are interested to check out the individual profiles of these girls, check them out here 🙂

Who is your favorite among the 9? For me, I like Seo Hyun the most!

And I’m going to dedicate a look to these girls… soon!



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