My choice of makeup for a night out with my girlfriends: SMOKY BLACK with the assistance of Maybelline Mascara ‘Pulse Perfection’!

It was my 1st time using a vibrating mascara & it felt really ticklish at the start, when I tried using it according to the instructions. My eyes got watery after a few seconds & I was petrified that my eye makeup was going to be ruined, but thankfully after a few blinks, I was ready to give the mascara another try.

And I suppose as practice makes perfect, the mascara really helped to lengthen & add volume to my lashes. But as you may know, Maybelline mascaras have always been excellent & the one difference that I noticed with this vibrating mascara is that it actually separates my lashes a lot better than the previous mascaras I’ve used – and they don’t clump!

My only worry is if the battery will last me till I finish the mascara, considering the fact that I have so many mascaras 😛

Give it a try if you are keen!



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