A new subtle eye look for today: Brown eyeliner on the top + silver & yellow eyeliner on the bottom. Love my natural-looking lashes, although they are not really recognizable, ha!

WATSONS is having an INCREDIBLE SALE again & I couldn’t help but buy this glittery eyeshadow that I’ve been eyeing for so long from Majolica 😉  Don’t ask me what I need it for; I’m sure I’ll put it to use one day… at least buying it during a sale doesn’t make me feel so guilty for buying an item I don’t really need 🙂

And then I spotted Pulse Perfection by Maybelline on the shelves & got super excited about it… even though I have 10 mascaras, I just decided that I must get my hands on this because it’s a limited edition & it’s a vibrating mascara! I haven’t tried one before, so it’s a perfect excuse to get one to try… right? Go get one now!

Have been so busy lately that I’ve haven’t had many chances to try out all the new makeup I’m piling up in my drawer… Only thing is, I will only put on makeup when I’m in a darn good mood; when I have plenty of time to doll up, which is like 1 to 2 hours 😛 Although, I must say that having this blog is not just a super good excuse to buy more makeup, but also to use MORE makeup, which I am doing very diligently these days!

p/s. I aim to try the mascara this week!



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