Attended an event hosted by Harper’s Bazaar @ VOLVO showroom last week with my colleague, Melodie, and because we were one of the first few to arrive, we were both treated to a ‘Hair Makeover’ by the professionals from Toni & Guy 😀

Check out Mel’s beautiful, bouncy curls, which everyone was raving about! Mine was pretty simple & straight, since they can’t do much with my length anyway 😉

Both of us have to admit that such curls are impossible to have everyday, unless there is someone to style it for us. And that’s why the celebrities always look so polished; this is how important styling is!

We were also presented with a makeup demo of the latest Spring & Summer 2010 colors by Beno Lim from M.A.C. They were conducting makeovers but because both Mel and I were already all dolled up (or so they say), we didn’t get to enjoy one.

There was also an impressive demonstration on how to wear scarves as a top or dress… WOW!

We had a pretty good time with the program and when I finally got home to check out the goodie bag, I was pleasantly surprised!

There were quite a few items (besides the magazine) itself: Hair voucher + designer scented candle + designer handphone strap + Volvo keychain + M.A.C cosmetics~

And of course, being the makeupaholic I am, I was simply delighted with the 3 new additions to my makeup & nails collection 😀



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