Whenever I get requests for makeovers, I will always want to give the look that my friends desire or have in mind, especially if they fancy a certain type of celebrity makeup! So when one of my churchmates, Huifen, approached me to help her with her makeup look for a wedding in which she was invited as an emcee, I was excited to say ‘YES!‘ 🙂

Her ideal look? Joanne Peh’s chic look at the Star Awards 2010!

Basically, the eyes are emphasized with blacks and lashes, while the rest of her face was kept nude. Usually for the right look, only 1 or sometimes, 2 of the face features are emphasized to give a certain focus yet not overdone feel.

Presenting my model, Huifen, who already is pretty without makeup 😉

And here are the FINAL results:

As this was the first time she had worn such heavy eye makeup, it took Huifen some time to get used to her new look. But she was in love with the look, and so was I! 😀 I would like to thank her for her enthusiastic support for MAKEUP PAPARAZZI and I’m going to end this post with a picture of Huifen and her beau with the wedding couple…



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