I was having my monthly facial done over last weekend when my therapist for the day shared some interesting tips with me about applying sunscreen and facial masks.

Apparently, we should not spread sunscreen over our face but instead, dot them on. This is solely because the sunscreen is supposed to act as a protection layer for our faces and and not meant to be absorbed into the skin. Now, that I didn’t know!

And according to her, if we leave facial masks onto our faces for too long or over the period of the recommended time, what happens is that the masks will absorb back the nutrients from our face when they are dried up! I don’t know how true this is, but I definitely know for sure that we shouldn’t leave facial masks on for more than 30 minutes, but they never say why… so I suppose this is the real reason?

So anyway, I was grumbling to her about the anonymous red patches that appeared on my cheeks and her advice was NEVER to skip the toner because it can cleanse off the residue of dirt on your face that the makeup remover or facial cleanser can’t. Plus, for skin like mine (dry on the outside but oily in the inside), I have to hydrate it constantly otherwise my skin will have bumps.

Sometimes, a visit to the professionals for facials isn’t all that bad. And the real reason why I love my current facial place is that they are not that pushy as they used to be; and that is why I’ve been a loyal customer for the 4th year even though I could have less expensive packages elsewhere.

Hence, that is why I opted to try their sunscreen which she swears by. What I liked is that she had recommended it during the facial but she didn’t even bug me when I was signing off. The sunscreen cost me a bomb (like their other products) but I decided it was worth the price because their services have always been immaculate and top notch.

Will share more about the product in time to come; when I finish my current sunscreen 😉 Too many products, too little time!




    • hahaha thank goodness! like i told u, don’t have to wash off the residue (you can if you want but I think it’s kinda wasteful!)… just pat in the residue and i believe your skin will absorb it by the time you awake 🙂

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