By now, you would have realized the difference between JERA and me would be that she is super adventurous with colours and styles, whereas I stick to colours and styles that I have grown accustomed to and know will work for me. Now, this didn’t come as a gift, mind you… but is a result of lots of trial & errors during my beauty advisor days where we would test different colours on ourselves everyday. And not forgetting that the company would hand out season cosmetic products to us based on which colours suit us more, like the way some big company decides on which air stewardess gets to wear blue and who gets to wear brown 😉

Anyway, in case you didn’t know – this is one of my favourite self-tested looks:


Using eyeshadow colours from now-defunct Tony & Tina

It’s not easy looking good with pink, so I’m pretty glad I’m one of those who is able to carry off pink without looking too way off~

And no, I didn’t use the eyelid sticker this time round because I took my own sweet time to do this look and had to rush off for my anniversary date 😛 Also, because it was an afternoon date – I opted for mascara instead of fake lashes… the last time I checked, I have 4 opened mascaras + another 4 unopened mascaras! Can’t buy any more until I finish using at least 3 of the current ones 😦



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