Subtle Smoky Eyes Look

To me, the art of applying eyeshadow on others is always more difficult on the 1st try, because I need to figure out the shape of their eyes and the amount of ‘eyelid space’… especially the difference between when their eyes are open and when their eyes are closed. It makes a lot of difference and I have to be cautious not to mess it up.

And as you can see, my most preferred eye application is the smoky eyes technique because I feel that every girl can look good with smoky eyes, no matter single eyelid or double eyelid. Throw in a bit of glitter and you are ready to party!

The success to great smoky eyes would be to ensure  proper blending, which you will need brushes to help you with~ And if you, like Melodie, don’t like wearing too much eyeshadow, can always opt for the more subtle version (without any smoky effect on the lower part of the eyes).

Also, smoky eyes does not generally apply to just black, but other popular colours would be nice for a change – like blue, brown and purple 😀



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