There you see it….

There you don’t!

Did you spot the difference? I had an eyelid sticker on my right eye 😛

So if you have uneven eyelids like me, you can always use eyelid stickers to ‘mask’ the difference. There are days when I wake up with one triple eyelid & one hidden eyelid, and it annoys me truly because I am unable to apply eyeliner properly.

Hence, eyelid stickers are a saviour, but to do it such that you can’t see the sticker… it takes some skill and a lot of practice, because you need to cut it and apply makeup over it so that people don’t see through your trick 😉 I’m not always successful though; but I believe I will master it – just like how I mastered the art of applying fake lashes 😀

See, not only single eyelids girl have to live with the hassle of using these stickers… I’ve been using this method ever since secondary school, actually – I bet you didn’t realize that 😛



3 thoughts on “EYELID STICKERS

  1. Dearie,

    To add on Sab’s recommendation, there are other 2 options for eyelid tape.

    You can get Blenderm™ Surgical Tape which is more porous and waterproof compared to most eyelid stickers. It is more naked to the eye after eyeshadow is applied. The only flaw is that you will need to cut to the desired shape. However it can be seen as a plus too. You can cut out thinner/shorter strips which makes the tape easily hidden when you open your eyes. It comes in a roll which goes a long way. You can get it at Guardian/Watsons or Sasa.

    Next option which is the coolest invention up to date. D-UP Wonder eyelid tape. Its a double sided eyelid tape.
    Check out the video —->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dt0y_SuHvqM

    You can only get it online now as shops in SG are not carrying them yet.

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