Tell me, which girl doesn’t like facials? I would like to think facials are good therapy for both the physical (your skin) and the mental (your heart) aspects of the female body. If you were to visit professional facial therapists, I believe that as much as you hate having to endure the pain of those horrid pimples being popped out, you have to admit that it also does feel good to have toxins being cleared out, right? Such is the conflicting woes of being a woman 😉

And I suppose, this is the real reason why, despite the economic blues, the beauty & spa businesses are still doing great, if not better! Simply because, almost every women will resort to such indulgences to de-stress, especially if they can afford it. Well, I definitely belong to that category. But in situations where I can’t afford the luxury of time to do my 2-hour session @ Bioskin, I resort to DIY masking on my own 🙂

DIY masking can be very addictive, especially when there are so many types of masks available for your pick. My favourite type would be the face sheet masks that I can place easily on my face and still continue doing work on my notebook 😀 This kind of face mask is usually ideal for hydration purposes and helps to ensure your skin is pumped up even when you do not have enough sleep. Also, this will ensure that your makeup goes on perfectly (tired skin doesn’t wear makeup well, if you didn’t realize it).

Well, my love for facial masks is also the reason why I stocked up on the popular Beauty Diary masks when I visited Taiwan last April; I bought a total 14 singles boxes of face masks + 1 Limited Edition box of face masks + 5 packets of eye masks

Currently, my stash has dwindled down to a few boxes and a few other singular masks which I can’t seem to stop buying from SASA or Watsons:

Oh, and not forgetting the other types of face masks I have bought during my last trip to Bangkok:

Besides having tried hand masks & breast masks (which was really hilarious), I also have feet masks for my aching feet after torturing them in high heels for hours:

My advice to you would be to indulge in a face sheet mask every 2 to 3 days if possible, and to do a scrub before the mask if you have normal, combination or oily skin (may not be suitable for dry or sensitive skin). It isn’t at all harmful to do a face sheet mask every day because it’s just like applying essence… and please don’t ever sleep with the mask on! 20 to 30 minutes is the longest you should ever leave any mask on. Hello, if they are meant to be left on forever, surely there will be no need for instructions, right 😛



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