I finally got a chance to use the Super Magic BB Cream by SHILLS I bought almost a month ago 😀 Oops, has it been that long? Oh well, at least I found an opportunity to use it – considering that I’ve been wearing heavy makeup the whole of last week due to a string of work events, I decided to ‘go light’ during the weekend and let my skin breathe!

So, I went makeup-less on Saturday and then on Sunday, I applied the BB Cream after my normal skincare routine. I must say that it feels like liquid foundation but perhaps I’m not used to the light coverage, I actually applied 2 layers and ended up looking as white as a ghost! But thankfully, the whitish effect gradually faded away minutes later. My only other grouse besides that would be the fact that I was unable to apply powder blusher the normal ‘sweeping’ way that I do – and now that I think back, I should have ‘dot’ on the blusher instead 😦 At least, I can prevent it from looking so patchy! Argghh~

Anyway, the one (& only) thing I like about wearing the BB Cream is that it feels so light that I actually wondered if I did put on any face makeup at all 😛 I would recommend it for those who dislike wearing heavy makeup, but don’t expect anything more from it because if you were to wear it for parties or functions, you may need to use concealer + loose powder on top of it, and it wouldn’t make any sense to not use your liquid foundation or even powder foundation, which would make better choices for better coverage.

Meanwhile, I will be reserving the use of the BB Cream for days when I am feeling too tired to doll up – at least it will bring some radiance & life to my face!

p/s. If you actually noticed… YES! I chopped off my fringe! 😀 Am trying to keep my hair long, so the only change I can have is to play with my front locks! Yay~




  1. So is this brand generally ok? I’ve been using the same brand for the past 2 yrs… feel like i wanna change. I actually read somewhere that one must let BB settle for like 5 mins cos it’ll take time to adapt to skin tone… bleah… it’s damn long… i usually just pile and dun care. but i used to just use BB and powder… for normal work days. Another thing is… the one that I use has only 1 tone… which i find a bit too light for me still. I heard skin food has different tones. does shills come in darker tone? Nevertheless… I think the shills one looks good on your face eh…. it looks brightened!

    • Hey babe, you can try Jera’s suggestions – best is to try the tester for the tone to see which is nearer to your skin tone. You don’t want to get tones that are too dark or too orange.

    • She replied to your question about highlighters posted under contact:

      Hi gal,

      Personally I do find Smashbox’s Artificial Light, Benefit’s High Beam and Make Up For Ever Star Powder in #941 good choices for highlighters.
      Hope it helps 🙂


  2. BB cream’s actually my staple now together with ZA’s Vitamin C powder!

    Checked out the powder because it has no talc in it’s list of ingredients. It claims to lighten skin as well as blemishes and freckles. I usually just puff on the powder after the BB cream and it’s velvety smooth to apply on blusher, eyemakeup and anything you wanna put on!

    Cheers for the practical posts once again!

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