As the saying goes,

“Eyes are the windows to your soul.”

That’s why eye makeup is the most important of all, because it can either make or break your day…

To achieve big dolly eyes like mine, there are a few important must-haves… especially if you have small eyes to begin with! Altogether, you only need 4 tools to achieve this look, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you 😉

1) ‘Dolly’ contact lenses – which you can purchase easily. I buy mine from online lens sprees!

2) Smudged-Lined Eyes – Remember to use a eyeliner brush to smudge any harsh lines that you draw with your eyeliner so as to soften the effect.

3) Fake Lashes, False Lashes – Personally, I prefer softer lashes because they are so much easier to bend & fix onto the curves of my eyes. I love natural-looking lashes~

4) MascaraFinish off with 2 coats of mascara on both the top & lower lashes. You can separate the lashes by using a mascara brush for a ‘individual-curled-lashes’ effect.

Try this look & I’m sure you’ll love the results it will give you 🙂



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