Don’t fret if you missed the Part 2 of Star Awards 2010, because captured most of the shots anyway 😀 The female celebrities were all decked out in fashions statements and you know what they say about what makeup you wear dictates your personality (or is it me who’s saying that for the first time?)

Here’s who caught my eyes for makeup and why:


SMOKY EYES: Seriously, I think Fann has toned down from stealing the spotlight with outrageous looks and instead, has settled nicely into this classic, elegant style that stands out. Married life has seem to give her more self-assurance, that’s for sure~


FAKE LASHES: Forgive Joanne for wearing such a revealing piece, will you? You have to give the girl an “A” for courage and effort, really. Plus, her choice of nude makeup with heavy fake lashes made the entire look more subtle rather than trashy (imagine if she had gone for thicker makeup!). Someone’s got to make the headlines, and no one else is more suitable or comfortable than her – that’s why she is the media darling, darling~


RED LIPS: Always a winner, Rui En couldn’t have made a better choice to use red lips (and red nails) to glamorize  her boyish black ensemble. You can’t really decide if you hate it or love it, and the best thing is, she doesn’t really care~


OVERALL: There’s nothing exciting about her makeup, but there’s nothing bland either. Maybe it’s her features, maybe it’s her smile… but you just got to admit you won’t miss her out in the crowd, no matter what. Some people have the X-factor and luck; and that’s the way it goes in showbiz~


BROWS: When you wearing something colourful like Felicia and have no idea what colours to wear on the face, you can opt for neatly trimmed brows… especially if you feel unsure. And I suppose now that it’s apparent she is contemplating leaving her star-studded career to pursue her academic dreams, I am guessing she is about making choices close to her heart~

p/s. If you are hungry for more looks or gossip, go buy the latest copy of 8 Days or visit The former is my weekly essential and the latter is my designated homepage; I’m a big fan of celebrity gossip and it’s a wonder why I fail history back in school… if only I found it as interesting as celebrity gossip, I bet I would have scored full marks 😉



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