It was the intern’s last day at work, so as part of our farewell gift, I decided to throw in a FREE makeover for her. And because we had so much work to do, I was given only 20 minutes (or even less, I think) to create some magic on her face before we headed out to party!

Now, Yi Han rarely wears makeup but I know she is open to wearing makeup because prior to this, I had done a light makeover for her and she was really cool about it. You see, I am very cautious about doing makeup for people who aren’t used to wearing makeup as they tend to have mixed reactions when they see themselves in the mirror after makeovers. And based on my experience, some women are just not comfortable with the idea of thick makeup on them, even if the truth is that the thickness is absorbed under all that lighting eventually, wherever you may be at night.

This picture was a moment of crazy laughter which you obviously cannot see but perhaps can imagine. I had dusted a tremendous amount of Maybelline Expert Finishing Loose Powder on Yi Han’s cheeks and nose bridge for an illuminating effect, but because it was done right after  applying Make Up For Ever’s Face & Body Foundation, the results were really super shiny! My other colleague (who was sweet enough to help me take pictures) burst out laughing and it was so contagious that I couldn’t help but giggle along. And poor Yi Han, who had no idea what we were laughing at, was still nice enough to keep her calm and trust me 😛

So after my dusting and blending of eye shadows, I decided at the last minute to give Yi Han my own pair of fake eyelashes (brand new, by the way) that was purple in colour. Why the generousity? Simply because the lashes didn’t cost me a bomb and besides, Yi Han had confided that she had never worn fake lashes but was willing to try and I thought, why not since she’s such an obliging girl?

It really helps to have a cooperative model who has 100% trust in your makeup skills, especially when you are running out of time.

The pair of purple fake eyelashes were bought in Malacca and they really made such a difference!

It would be really mean to show ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, so I’m not going to do that kind of comparison. But I can tell you Yi Han was definitely happy with her transformation because it was only hours later when she got a chance to look at herself in the ladies, that she was like, “WOW! Is that really me?!”.  And her big smile was as good as a compliment, because I couldn’t be happier to know that she had liked what I did for her. So, to go without fake lashes for that night was worth the sacrifice, ‘cos they brought more joy to another girl 🙂



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