If you caught the Star Awards (Part One) last Sunday, I’m sure you would have seen what the stars were wearing on their faces 😛 To be honest, I was rather disappointed because I thought they could have done better with the makeup – perhaps I was expecting more colours or variety… but most of them looked rather plain and not “boomz” enough.

Here are my top 3 favourites from the night:


Flawless & Classic – She’s the best example of how to use makeup to stand out in the crowd. Notice the most obvious change of makeup on her face? The LIPS! Such a simple way of making a difference.


Sweet & Simple – Check out the sparkle in her eyes and smile 🙂

Sultry & Cool – The focus is on her eyes, as you can tell.

I don’t wish to highlight those whose makeup didn’t help them at all – some celebs look too bland or simple, and there were those who looked washed out or tired. Plus, I noticed a few standard hairstyles which either meant one style by a certain group of hair stylists versus another, and the thing is not every hairstyle suits every artiste. From the fluffy bobs to the pulled back buns, I’m just hoping that the Star Awards Part 2 would feature more interesting or glamourous makeup styles!

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