As part of our one-month anniversary (it feels like we are in a relationship, right!), I’m going to tell you in detail how this makeup blog was born out of nowhere 😉

If you’ve ever wondered how JERA and I became partners-in-crime of MAKEUP PAPARAZZI, it all happened on that one night in which I had came home feeling particularly low, lost and aimless about life. You know how you work so hard, and then wonder what is the point of putting in so much effort when you don’t feel happy doing so anymore?

Well, so as I was taking my shower, it suddenly dawned onto me that I should pursue my dream of  starting a makeup blog and who better to do with it but JERA? After all, we both love makeup, we both love to cam-whore… and most importantly, we both love to blog! Excited as I was, I hurriedly finished my bath so I could text her and after a flurry of SMS exchanges, we both set out to combine our powers together 😀

And since this blog couldn’t have existed without her, the face of MAKEUP PAPARAZZI, I got her to share her innermost thoughts instead:

So, tell me how you feel about MAKEUP PAPARAZZI reaching our 1st month?

It feels quite long for me even though it has only been a month. Maybe because we did quite a number of entries and I did quite a number of looks which I never thought I was able to do so. I am very grateful and happy that friends are so supportive that they started asking me more about makeup. As we had hoped to achieve, MAKEUP PAPARAZZI really did arouse attention, influence and curiousity within my friends. ~JERA

How has it been like, to experiment and crack your brains to come up with so many looks in just one month?

I am always surfing the Internet to check out the looks that are new, trendy, artistic and interesting. And from my research, I create my own interpretation and present it to our readers. At the start, I had difficulty falling asleep at night as my brain is still brainstorming uncontrollably and I had to pen the ideas down before I could really go to sleep. But now, as I get the hand of it, I am able to relax and go with the flow. When I am doing something I am passionate about, I will go to the limits to push myself, upgrade and then push myself again. This is a continuous process which I enjoy, because I believe there is no end to learning. ~JERA

What changes has MAKEUP PAPARAZZI brought to your life? Any particular difference in life before having MAKEUP PAPARAZZI after having MAKEUP PAPARAZZI?

I am glad that I am able to do something I really love. Before MAKEUP PAPARAZZI came into my life, I had been uncertain of my makeup skills. But ever since I’ve received positive comments on the looks I did, my confidence has increased and it has also stirred me to improve so that I can do better each time. Still, I am the same JERA my friends have known me to be, and the only difference is that I now have to spend more time on MAKEUP PAPARAZZI… but you know what? I find joy in doing so 🙂 ~JERA

If there is a fire/earthquake in the middle of night and you have to run out of the house in 1 minute’s time, what is the ONE makeup item you will grab before you run for your life?

I already have a bag (with compartments) of my makeup collection, so I will just grab it and head straight for the door! See, I am so ready! ~JERA

For the last question, just in case you are curious about my answer – I will grab my eyebrow pencil because I die die also must draw my eyebrows before I run for my life! 😛



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