If you recalled reading the entry by SAB about her exciting Easter weekend, here’s my take on it 🙂

This would be my 2nd time being part of the church musical makeup team but goodness, was I really stressed out!We were tasked to do stage makeup for a cast of 15 actors, not including the dancers. I ended up not being able to sleep every night before the show, because my brain was constantly think of how I can improve the makeup, or come up with techniques that would help me to change a look to another look in the fast time possible.

Still, thankfully, the backstage scenario for this production was not as chaotic as compared to the fashion shows that I had helped out when working at Make Up For Ever. The patience and helpfulness extended from everyone else really helped to ease down tension, and we both felt loved 😀

Here’s more backstage photos to share with you!

Huifen, our official photographer for MAKEUP PAPARAZZI 🙂

We have magic helpers too!  Me with Ezther

Lingzhi and Me…

Photos taken by: Huang Huifen, Caleb Kay, Gideon Lim & Sean Matthias Tan from Grace Assembly of God.



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