Last week, I had offered to help JERA take backstage pictures of her doing makeup for her church musical over the Easter weekend. But she would rather I help out with makeup instead, so I went down on Saturday and returned to help out on Sunday after I discovered she was really short-handed. It was through this experience that both of us understood the back-aching torture that makeup artists go through after hours of bending sideways 😦 But it was totally worth it!

So even though she was really busy, JERA managed to snap 2 shots of me, without me realizing it 😛

Now, I didn’t forget to play my part! Check out the pictures I managed to take 😀

It has been a really long time since I’ve been ‘making up’ for people, and I have to say I really missed the times I worked as a beauty advisor during my L’Oreal days. You may not believe it, but it was the happiest job I ever had 🙂 The perks of working at a counter is such that you get to play with makeup and experiment with colours. Plus, the satisfaction you get from people when they are ecstatic about looking prettier after you apply makeup for them – the feeling is really priceless!

So even though there was no monetary benefits, I was more than happy to volunteer my services because I simply see it as part of my contribution to my faith (or religion, if you want to see it another way).  It doesn’t matter which church it is, because at the end of the day, I belong to no one but God 😉



One thought on “MAKING UP: EASTER DAY 2010

  1. Hi Sab!

    I totally agree!
    Did a few backstage jobs when I was at Inuovi, and the sense of satisfaction I got was immense. No staff to worry, no payroll to worry… etc..

    The good old days indeed…

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