Yes, I admit… I do cheat sometimes! At makeup, that is… so as to cover up my signs of fatigue 😦 This is a makeup blog, so what else do you think I will confess cheating about? 😛

On certain days when I happen to have had late nights and unable to fight the desire to sleep more in the morning, I will cut down my makeup time without compromising on the “look good” criteria 🙂

So how do I achieve this look? With the use of black eyeliner, glitter eyeliners and a striking choice of  lip gloss colour 😀 This is the time when you don’t need any precision on the drawing of eyeliners. The messier it gets, the more artistic it portrays, and the better you look… of course, don’t over do it till you look like you are crying glitters! That would be too funny…

p/s. Remember, practice makes perfect!



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