Are you the kind of girl who die-die always must makeup before she steps out of the house (or even worse, out of the room)? Well, I used to be like that… but I suppose as I grew older, I’ve grown to be less mindful about showing my naked face around and instead, I’ve learned to be more comfortable about the praises and criticisms that come along with such openness 😛

So as much as I love wearing makeup, there are days when I am lazy and go makeup-less (also because I believe in letting the skin ‘breathe’ every now and then). Especially over the weekends, when I’m not out meeting friends and I have no need to doll up. And of course, on days when I’m having PMS, sick, or still nursing a hangover after a late night out.

For lazy makeup, it means a little bit of powder foundation and drawing of eyebrows; no concealer and no eye makeup. On such days of laziness, I never fail to put on a pair of sunglasses to mask that pair of tired eyes 😉

Apart from sunglasses, ONE thing you can’t go without is sunscreen! That is the only thing you cannot be lazy about 😛 Why? Because if you don’t protect your face from the sun, you will definitely regret it 10 or 20 years down the road when your pigmentation appears full-blown! Unless you are not Asian, of course… and one of those rare breeds that don’t get pigmentation~

p/s. Sunglasses are from Forever 21 – I love the fact that it’s pink on the sides!



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