As I’m one of those who was blessed with long lashes, it was only natural that friends (and including my boyfriend) found it appalling that I would even consider the idea of LASH EXTENSIONS .

So what was it that made me want to put myself through a 2-hour session to fix on LASH EXTENSIONS when I had no real need for them? Basically, it boils down to these reasons:


I’ve heard horror stories of LASH EXTENSIONS from girlfriends yet I knew of those who were able to survive wearing LASH EXTENSIONS for years. I want to know the difference, and if I don’t try it at least once in my lifetime, how will I be able to know enough to even write about it?


Umm, the bargain of paying $50 instead of the usual $150 was just simply too irresistible to ignore. After all, I don’t think I would want to spend too much on LASH EXTENSIONS because even mascaras and false lashes don’t cost so much.


The thought of owning longer, beautiful lashes was tempting and even though I understood they wouldn’t stay on forever, I was willing to give it a try.

So, this is me with my REAL lashes curled up with mascara:

And this is me with the supposedly Barbie Doll LASH EXTENSIONS after an excruciating 90-minute session, taken 1 week after:

So tell me, do you see any difference?

The process was rather painful because even though I was confident that my eyes were not sensitive, the glue was so strong that every time a tiny bunch LASH EXTENSIONS of  was stuck on, an itchy stinging sensation will be felt and it would last a minute or two. Imagine the number of bunches being attached… and you know what I mean.

And because the glue took a really long time to dry, I had to leave with my left eye tearing non-stop. I had to resort to wearing my shades even though it was night time and I swear I looked like I was crying throughout my trip home in the MRT!

Well, I found the overall results disappointing because the LASH EXTENSIONS were not up to my expectations. Instead of being longer, they were thicker and heavier, hence causing them to droop horribly.

Still, I was told I look better with the LASH EXTENSIONS without makeup on by a very nice and sweet ex-colleague. The others were not so kind. “See lah!” and “I told you so!” were ringing in my ears. So basically, my 1st week of wearing LASH EXTENSIONS felt like an eternity, because they proved to be:


I couldn’t wear much eye makeup because it is almost impossible to remove them as I was instructed not to use oil-based makeup remover. And I had my first taste of fright as I went clubbing that night I did my LASH EXTENSIONS and I couldn’t remove the eyeliner as my eyelids were sore, stiff and hurt like mad.

Imagine how I hurried into the office the next morning, crying, “Help me! Help me!” And despite the gentle efforts by my ex-colleague, each move on my eyelid generated an “OWWW!” from me.

Shower time also became a dread; as I wasn’t able to wipe my eyes, the soapy water would seep into my eyes and I would end up with bloodshot eyes every time I emerge from the bathroom. Eventually, I would shower with my head tilted back, and I trained myself to shower like a blind woman. Funnily, I was advised by another colleague to wear goggles, which I thought was interestingly smart but I was too lazy to execute such a stunt 😛

Sleeping took much effort because it felt like I was sleeping with fake lashes on and the feeling was so uncomfortable, I felt like pulling them off but I know I couldn’t do so. The LASH EXTENSIONS would also block and blur my vision, and there were occasions when they would prick my eyes.

Well, it has been 2 weeks since I have them on, and already I’m ‘botak’ on my left eye because I’ve been impatiently fiddling with the LASH EXTENSIONS and trying to force them out as they were falling apart and ruining my mood. Eventually, my REAL lashes are either pulled out or torn into halves… *ouch*

This is how the LASH EXTENSIONS look like after they are tugged off:

Losing my real lashes are inevitable as I was warned that they would become weak and drop off, just like the case with nail extensions. Whichever it is, I have no intentions of touching up and I had to actually fit their schedule for an appointment to remove the remaining LASH EXTENSIONS!

My personal conclusion is that if the gals who can wear LASH EXTENSIONS well are those who are extremely vain and patient enough to endure the ordeal, or are simply too lazy to wear makeup and are simply contented with them.

So, try it at your own risk if you want – but I’m definitely going back to the good old days of mascaras and fake lashes…

And NO, I won’t ever try it a second time.

p/s. I can’t wait to have them professionally and PERMANENTLY removed!

The Alternative Editor



    • Oh wow, I do lash extensions for a living and whoever did yours was either very new or just plain bad. I see in the parts that fell out that they are attached to multiple lashes.. that should NEVER happen. And yes you couldnt notice them at all, they did a horrible job completely. Im sorry you had a bad experience but not all lash artists are bad. I promise you! And also, not every person that has them are lazy or vain… I have them, and I love them. If i didnt have them I would be putting on strip lashes every day which can ruin your natural lash. I dont have to use mascara, and as a business woman who does on call appointments being able to get ready fast is wonderful.

      • Hi Cherise! Yes, I agree with you that not all lash artists are bad. I guess it’s a lifestyle choice as I have girlfriends who absolutely love their eyelash extensions & can’t live without them. Unfortunately, I’ve tried it a 2nd time (With a different artist) & I guess I just prefer my false lashes in the end 😛 Having said that, I was just wondering when you pointed out, “they are attached to multiple lashes.. that should NEVER happen.” – Do you mean to say the extensions should only be attached to a single lash at any one time?

      • I just got my lashes done yesterday and the lady bonded the lashes to my eye lid and there is big clumps of glue on my eye lid it hurts the glue has my eyes watering and real sensitive when I close my eyes the glue clumps poke my bottom eye lid and its very uncomfortable

      • Cherise is exactly right…..a reputable professional would never have put you through what you described! And yes, each synthetic lash (or mink, etc.) should only be attached to ONE real eyelash….not several. Also, it sounds like the person you went to wasn’t using the correct glue formula. I have NEVER had any burning, stinging, tears, etc. during or after my sessions. And two hours? Wow, that’s a long time! Mine take about 45 minutes and the woman who does mine plays this really relaxing meditation music and has a small fan that she uses to dry the glue quickly. Honestly, it’s like going to a spa session and I am always so relaxed afterward. I’m really sorry that you didn’t have that kind of experience, but truly there are very professional people out there who do lash extensions with no problems whatsoever. NO damage to your real lashes, etc.

  1. Sabby, you weak ey! HAHA! MUACKSS!!

    Each session of my eyelash extension last about 6 weeks before the glue is unable to hold them to my eye lids anymore, but, I didn’t choose to do the Barbie Lashes. I had on the Natural ones. I had mine on for 6 months (of cos I went back to touch up and also to remove and put on new ones again). Oh & yes, the glue sting quite a bit when they first start to apply. But I got used to it subsequently.

    I had problems like yours but.. I supposed mine was very much easier to handle. I pat my eyes and use a cotton bud to remove my eyeliner and makeup around my eye. I don’t usually rub my eyes so no problem with that either but YES, most of my natural lashes fall off la. :))

    I think I belong to the VERY VAIN category. And I am not lazy to wear makeup and you know it. :)) LOVE LOVEE!!

    • hahaha! Yeah lor, you belong to the vain group. I prefer fake lashes because there is a variety and I like the different effects. Well, there you go.. You are one of the successful stories I know for lash extensions 🙂 Guess it’s really a matter of preference and lifestyle!

  2. Hey Sab!

    Sorry to hear about your frightful experiences at the outlet you went to! My cousin incidentally went to a store in Far East and the results were quite good apparently!

    She mentioned that the glue sting but I don’t see her having much problems with the results. But it’s true that you can’t really put on eye makeup after!

    hmmm… My dreams of waking beautiful is drifting further and further away from me…


  3. Hmmm… I guess it differs based on personal experience? So far, all the good results I heard are from Far East Plaza but I’m not about to give it another go because it would be too much hassle. Maybe JERA would want to try it a 2nd time… hehe

    • Nah..I need MAXIMUM freedom to use eye makeup products and being able to cleanse them off easily haa I would opt not doing it for the 2nd time. But the saying of “waking up beautiful” is enticing …~

  4. Dear Sab, may I know if your eyelashes grew back? im scared and i have mine for 3 days now and im going to remove it in another better salon recommended to me by my friend. its high maintenance and its too heavy! im really scared!

    • Hi Wen

      Yes, the lashes will grow back! Mine did, with the help of a lash growth product! U can get 1 quite easily in Watsons/Sephora… Don’t worry about it too much 🙂


  5. Just so everyone know, those are lash clusters, not lash extensions. Clusters ruin lashes because they pull out so many at one time, while single individual eyelash extensions fall out naturally with your own lash, and the effect is very natural. Clusters are very easy to get on for the technician and take little skill, so a lot of them don’t take the time to really educate themeslves as to how to do REAL lash extensions.

    • Thanks for enlightening! So are individual eyelash extensions easier to apply than lash clusters? How about the time process? I still doubt I’ll go through that process a 2nd time, since I’m happy with my mascaras and fake lashes… 😛

  6. I experience the same thing when i had it done at vain beauty @ far east earlier today! And now my eyes are straining and leading to migraine! I wanted to touch up and the lady advice to remove n redo the lashes were sooooo hard! And everytime i blink hard it hurts not the usual feeling i had the previous time i had… I was crying back home earlier due to the stingy feeling and it got all red and burning sensation… Going back there again… To remove it… *sigh*

    • Oh dear! I hope your eyes are feeling better after removing the lashes 😦 I still remember vividly the pain & discomfort, so I definitely can relate to what you are going through… take care! (and stick to false lashes/mascara!)

  7. just had mine removed and soooooo depressed! i have hardly any lashes and they are half the length they were before extensions!!! i seriously cant even look in the mirror I cant stand the way they look. anyone know a good product to regrow your own lashes. (besides Latisse that stuff is terrible!) I found a product called lashovee anyone tried it?

  8. My eyelashes are done by a proffessional who is good at her job. The process is painful for about 10 minutes. After that my eyes are normal. My own lashes are fuller than ever as I dont pick at the extensions like I did mascara. Couldnt reccommend these enough IF done by a very good professional

  9. The price of the drug is also very low compared to other eye care products.
    It was discovered after scientists took the drug
    for patients with glaucoma and limited use of chemicals
    causing the eyelashes to grow. Next comes the thinning eyelashes, that just will not grow as long as
    they are used.

  10. I wish I would have saw this article before I got my lashes done recently. I experienced everything you had, and now after my removal, I am missing chunks of my natural lashes. I will never do this again.

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